Video content packages

The world of video production is constantly changing and only becoming a bigger and bigger part of marketing your business. We as content creators need to change with that. There was a time when the value of video content was in it's quality and never it's quantity. We at TerryLeahyFilms now firmly believe that quality AND quantity are the deciding factor in successfully marketing your business. Not only that, but video content needs to be created, edited and distributed across multiple platforms in a style tailored to that application. To that end, we have decided to use a minutes based content approach in our packages. You simply decide the amount of content you need and then split the time up anyway you choose. Create four 15 second Instagram ads, or two 30 second Facebook ads, a 1 minute Youtube clip, or mix and match for the same price!


The lite - 1500.00

1 minute of content and a half day shoot (5 hours)                     

Hero in a half day, CONTENT POWER! Sometimes you just need a little bit of content that packs a big punch. There's a lot you can do with one minute, and for many of you, it's a great way to get started and run a platform test to see which app or channel works best for your video content! This also works great for quick internal videos!


The Standard - 3000.00

3 Minutes of Content and a Full Day Shoot (10 hours)

Trying to create some video content that can be shared across multiple platforms in different versions? This is the package for you. We created this as a catch all for a 1.5 minute video to be used on your website and Youtube, a 1 minute version for Facebook, and 30 second for Instagram. This is what we'd consider a standard video content weapon.


The COMPLETE - 6000.00

12 Minutes of Content and 3 FULL DAYS

Looking to get started on your video marketing journey? This is the best place to start. Not only do you get enough minutes to fully populate your website and begin your advertising journey, but we also give you plenty of days to make it easy to schedule your shoot. This is also where major discounts begin to be offered so we strongly believe in starting your marketing journey here!


The PREMIUM - 10000.00

24 Minutes of Content and 6 FULL DAYS

You've made the decision to engage in video marketing and now you need a supply of content, here you go! With this package you get incredible flexibility in your film shoots and plenty of minutes to use however you'd like. For some companies this is a great way to really engage in a ferocious marketing quarter and for others this will be all you need for the year! We make it easy to build into your budget and be there on demand.


The ANNUAL - 20000.00

60 Minutes of Content and 12 FULL DAYS

If you're a content powerhouse and need a company that can keep up, we're your guys. This package is best utilized on a monthly basis where you can get 5 minutes of high quality content and a shoot day every month of the year. Or maybe you have a very intense season and need video content coverage during the whole time, this is the package for you. Not only that, but this package offers INCREDIBLE savings of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!



There's no doubt about it, high quality video production is an investment. But we at TerryLeahyFilms understand that your business has a marketing budget just like us and every other company. To make things easier, we offer flexible payment terms that are simple to understand and even easier to execute. You may break up the total cost of any of our packages into monthly payments that reflect the amount of total shoot dates. For example our annual package priced at $20,000 can be purchased for 12 easy monthly payments of $1666. You can even use all your shoot dates long before having to make your final payments, we are here to make things easy for you!